Increase Vitamin C Intake in Your Diet – Consume Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

A recent survey found that nearly one-third Americans aren’t getting enough vitamin C from the foods and beverages in their diet. “When we hear so much about the obesity crisis today, it’s surprising to learn that most Americans aren’t getting enough of some nutrients in their diets,” said Andrea Astrachan, Consumer Advisor at Stop & […]

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Does Your Doctor Know Your Real Blood Pressure?

Tips On How To Be In Better Control of Your Blood Pressure Even When You Go to the Doctor Things You Should be Aware of While Testing Your Blood Pressure Have you ever thought about the fact your blood pressure can vary significantly during the day depending on your level of stress? And stressors can […]

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Chia – Aztec Power Food

If you subscribe to any number of health related newsletters, you’re frequently presented with the latest “new discovery” which claims to be the secret to longer life, better health, etc. Now, please don’t take me wrong, there are lots of new things being discovered that may very well improve your health. But, consider this. There […]

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The Truth About Grass Fed Beef

All Cows Eat Grass Let’s get real about this “grass fed” beef thing. I know this is a touchy subject with some and expect to get some flak over this article, but I think it’s only fair you have the truth. I’ve purposely avoided discussing organic here, because that’s another subject, altogether. Having grown up […]

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Staying Young While Growing Older

Every day that goes by is another day older, another gray hair, an expanding stomach and a receding hairline…but it doesn’t have to be. Check out some of these great suggestions on how to stay younger while you grow older… Getting older is a thing that a lot of men and women never wish to […]

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When Inflammation Goes Bad

But inflammation is a funny thing. Sometimes, the body comes to believe that normal healthy tissue is infected or is a foreign object, and then the immune system starts to fight against and destroy that healthy tissue. This second type of inflammation–when inflammation goes awry–is believed to be involved in many chronic illnesses that plague […]

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miracle noodle

Miracle Noodle

Miracle Noodle – Product Review Are you looking for a great way to lose weight? Miracle Noodles are a wonderful item to add to your diet. There are a wide range of benefits in adding the Miracle Noodle to your daily meals. What Are Miracle Noodles? Miracle Noodles are Asian style noodles that are full of […]

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Joint Pains? Try Eating Crushed Egg Shells

You’re probably in the habit of throwing away your eggshells, right? Well, perhaps after you read this you’ll want to save some. As we age the body is less able to produce GLUCOSAMINE, which decreases joint inflammation, cushion joints against impact and assists with cartilage repair. Eggshell membranes contain this glucosamine, as well as other […]

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