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Miracle Noodle – Product Review

Are you looking for a great way to lose weight? Miracle Noodles are a wonderful item to add to your diet. There are a wide range of benefits in adding the Miracle Noodle to your daily meals.

What Are Miracle Noodles?

Miracle Noodles are Asian style noodles that are full of fiber and low in fat, sugar and starch. They contain net zero carbs for individuals following a low-carb diet. They are naturally healthy to consume and are made of a fiber called Glucomannan.

Product Features:

  • Wheat free
  • Gluten free
  • Absorbs flavor of any soup or dish
  • Instantly useable
  • Comes in a variety of styles
  • Low fat, water soluble
  • Low in calories
  • Net zero carbohydrates

About the Miracle Noodle Company

The Miracle Noodle Company offers a great alternative to higher fat noodles. A variety of types of noodles are available including: angel hair, miracle rice, black angel, fettuccini, orzo pasta, mini-pearls as well as many more.

The establishment is very family oriented and health conscience. Food is viewed as healthy, as well as stronger than medicine. They understand the need to eat foods that are great for the body and can provide natural healing.

What are the Benefits of Adding Miracle Noodles to your diet?

  • Healthy alternative for daily eating
  • Fills you up and keeps you satisfied
  • Great nutritional addition
  • Guilt free consumption
  • Can be added to a variety of recipes
  • Documented health benefits
  • Makes you feel great about what you are eating
  • Increases fiber in the diet
  • Soy free product

What are others saying about using Miracle Noodles?

  • The shirataki noodles are great (as well as other styles)
  • They are so filling
  • I can eat noodles without feeling guilty
  • There are so many varieties available
  • The product can be used in nearly any dish
  • I absolutely love them
  • Delicious and my family loved them, too
  • I am very impressed with the noodles
  • I love your brand over others I have tried
  • After eating the noodles, I am not hungry the rest of the day

A few negatives:

  • The noodles have a different smell when taking them out of the package, that some do not like
  • For some individuals, it is an acquired taste
  • It may be possible that the noodles were not allowed to be seasoned by the food being prepared, or a lack of knowledge in how to use the product exists

Popular Reviews

The Miracle Noodle has been reviewed by the Rachel Ray Show, Men’s Health, Shape, and Living Without.

  1. Rocco of Rachel Ray’s Show said they are fabulous, all you have to do is open the package, rinse, and add them to your favorite dish, as simply as that (paraphrase). They never overcook when using them.
  2. Shape magazine tells readers that the noodle makes any meal healthier.
  3. Men’s Health lets readers know that the product does not contain any “Big 8” allergens. It is also mentioned that this food is creating a real “buzz” in the weight loss world.
  4. Living Without also brings is review of the product, but a link is currently unavailable on the Miracle Noodle website for review.

How To Cook Them

What are the Health Benefits?

Health benefits are what individuals are looking for these days in trying new products. There are health benefits for this product including: soluble fiber slows the digestion process, prolongs the sensation of being full, helps with diabetes, promote weight loss, and the body absorbs the nutrients easier.

Using the product just one meal a day can dramatically increase your daily fiber intake and help you to lose weight. It can also help to decrease cholesterol levels within the body. Glucose levels stabilize when adding the product to your daily diet.

Several medical studies have been completed. Information is available on site to learn more about the results and findings. The site also offers meal ideas, recipes, pasta types, customer email testimonies, as well as other valuable information.

Bonus Items with Purchase

Several bonus items are available on site at the time of this review writing. When purchasing Miracle Noodles, the individual receives:

  1. Skyrocket your Fat Loss – A free health report from Tom Venuto, a nutrition guru. The report gives tips about jump starting your weight loss and improving your health.
  2. Using Miracle Noodles to Enhance Health and Achieve Your Optimal Weight – Seven Day Mini-Course – The course is written by Dr. Lewis Carp.

Our Product Review

The product has received outstanding reviews with very few negative comments. The positive view from others this product has received is like Niagara Falls. Based on the information researched and gatherer, our product review will be given at 9.75 out of 10 points.

The product has relevant health benefits for those who use the product. It comes in a variety of styles and can be used in nearly any recipe. The pricing is affordable and the product features consider individuals with differing health guidelines (low fat, gluten free, so on). Great reviews have been given by several other popular entities including health magazines, cooking specialists, and such.

We encourage you to give the Miracle Noodle a try in your daily cooking and eating routines. It definitely has great health benefits and provides a unlimited alternative to unhealthy eating. Be sure to visit the reviewed product website for more insightful information.

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