What is HGH?

Human Growth Hormone or HGH is a naturally occurring polypeptide hormone that is secreted by the human pituitary gland situated inside the brain. It is this hormone that aids in the mental and physical development of humans.

How can HGH releasing agents help?

As we age the cells in our body degenerate and reach a stage when they are unable to replenish the body adequately. This occurs partly due to the the decreased production of the naturally occurring growth hormone in the pituitary gland. Yes, Compared to pre 30s, humans during middle and old age produce mere 20% of the natural HGH. This results in loss of cells, lesser stamina and strength. Even the skin becomes saggy and develop wrinkles due to the thinning of the epidermal layer.

A lot of the above symptoms can be reduced by introducing HGH supplements in your diet. Even younger athletes can benefit from HGH supplements. HGH releasers are also given to children who suffer from HGH deficiency.

What are the types of HGH releasing agents?

Synthetic man made HGH releasing agents come in 2 forms.

    1. HGH injections
    2. HGH supplements

HGH injections give side effects- HGH supplements are the way forward.

In the years gone by HGH injections were the only mode of inducing additional HGH in the human body. But they had many issues:

  1. They could only be administered with the help of a qualified physician.
  2. They were very expensive.
  3. Those injections gave way to side effects that could cause thyroid and liver damage apart from other side effects.

The only safe, inexpensive and easily procurable form of HGH releasers are HGH supplements.

Benefits of HGH

Improves Skin:

Preserves the elasticity and texture of the skin and reduces wrinkles. Skin aging and wrinkles show due to the thinning of the skin due to the epidermal cells withering away with age. HGH supplements can replenish the epidermal cells of the skin and reverse aging signs on the skin.

Improves Hair: 

Various studies have shown that HGH can reduce hair fall and even restore the original hair color in a lot of cases. Many have reported better quality of hair.

Reduces Fat:

Almost all HGH agents have fat burning properties but it has to be supplemented with some form of exercise, else HGH supplements don’t work. In a study made by the Stanford medical institute it was proved beyond doubt that HGH releasing agents can reduce body fat and promote lean body mass.

In a study in London’s Thomas hospital it was noted that out of 24 adults with HGH deficiency, the patient group who were administered HGH exhibited 12 pounds of greater lean body mass and 12.5 pounds lesser fat.

In another survey conducted by Dr Rudman, it was noticed that in elderly patients aged between 60 and 81 the HGH administered group showed 9% greater lean body mass and as much as 14% lesser body fat. Further it was noticed that there was an increase in the bone density of the lumbar spine by 1.56% while the spleen and liver grew by 18%..

Improves Stamina and muscle building:

It has shown to improve stamina although its muscle building properties are still in question without an adequate strength training program.

Improves Cholesterol Profiles and Cardiac Function

HGH has shown to improve the cholesterol profiles and cardiac function in HGH deficient patients. Research has shown that in HGH deficient patients the introduction of HGH lead to the optimal thickness of the left ventricular wall that considerably enhanced the ability of the heart to pump blood. It has also shown to improve lipid profiles, raise HDL and lower LDL thereby improving the quality of life.

Maintains Optimum Blood Pressure

HGH is known to improve the lung and cardiac function and hence produces a positive affect in maintaining optimum blood pressure levels. The decreased blood pressure levels noticed in GHG administered patients could be the direct result of lesser body fat and greater lean body mass.

Reduces Susceptibility to TYPE II Adult Onset Diabetes and improves Insulin sensitivity

Diabetes affects a large population all over the world. Obesity and inadequate lean body mass are known to be one of the proven causes of diabetes HGH fights body fat and improves blood circulation and endurance thereby reducing the chances to contract diabetes.

Further some people exhibit resistance to the naturally occurring insulin in the body. HGH supplements is known to improve insulin sensitivity in Type 2 adult onset diabetes and reduce their dependence on insulin injections.

Improves Sexual Performance and Libido

HGH plays an important role in the sexual potency and desire levels. Declining HGH can result in decreased sexual performance. Men and women using HGH supplements have reported better sexual function and libido improvement.

Increased Endurance, Stamina and Better Sports Performance.

Better endurance, strength and increased stamina is something one should notice within 2 months. Better blood circulation, improved lung and cardiac performance and higher bone density could be the reasons for the improved endurance Athletes and sportsmen will notice increased stamina that will allow them to practice their skills better. Resistance to injuries is another positive effect. Please note that injectable HGH is banned in amateur and professional sports. However many natural HGH supplements are not banned.

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