The Best Mattress for Back Pain

No one can recommend what would be your best mattress for back pain. You alone can determine your ideal mattress based on your preferences. If you could sleep peacefully and comfortably in your mattress, then that is the best for you.  These pointers can help you in selecting the best mattress.

Thickness of the Mattress

The mattress should be thick enough to support your weight. If you weigh more than 200 lbs, you would not want to use a mattress which is too thin, right?  It may be an ultra comfortable mattress but if it is too short for your height and too thin for your weight, then it is not the best for you.

Number of coils

The number of coils is also essential to the comfort of the bed.  There are beds with more coils which could make the bed more bouncy and conformant to your body’s shape. Your back pain may need a solid unmovable surface, or an ultra soft mattress that conforms to your body. The number of coils should respond to the needs of your back pain. It would then be your best mattress for back pain.

Back support

The best mattress has usually a back support. This is because the back support will make it easier for you to be in a supine position. Generally, a bed that is not too soft and not too firm, with a back support is preferred. If your hips are large, then a softer mattress would be better. But as previously mentioned the type would depend on the type of your back pain.

Pointers in buying mattresses

  • Try the mattress before buying it. Try tying down on the bed and feel the material. If you have a partner, you can have a custom made bed that would have different layers or softness on each side according to each of your specifications.
  • Invest on a new comfortable bed, if it is too dilapidated. Remember, you will be spending more or less 8 hours in it, so it better be comfortable.
  • Buy from a reputable company. If the company is well established it would surely produce high-quality beds and mattresses. It is better to pay more and have quality mattresses, than pay less and later encounter problems with the product.
  • Consider the warranty of the mattress. If the warranty is longer, it indicates that the producer has high confidence in its products.

Buying the best mattress for back pain is relatively easy if you know exactly the etiology and what mattress is needed to ease the pain.

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