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“Spinal Stretch Overview”

There are many products on the market that claim to help with pain in the lower back, but relatively few tend to actually follow through with their promise. Those that do help, though, are generally in the form of expensive inversion tables that take up quite a bit of room in the home.

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For those that want something that actually works and can be taken from location to location, though, the Spinal Stretch may present an ideal solution. The device is relatively easy to use even the first time, and it can help many individuals experience a level of lower back comfort that they had never thought possible.

What’s it Includes

The Spinal Stretch is a simple medical product with a rather lofty aim – it hopes to help some individuals with lower back pain to replace large and expensive inversion tables with a solution that is a bit easier for most to handle.

The product itself includes not only the Spinal Stretch, but also an adjustable chest belt for those that a need a bit of extra traction and a nylon travel bag for storage and for taking the device on the go.

Perhaps more importantly, the device also includes a helpful user’s guide on DVD, a must-use for those that are making use of the product for the first time.

Support is also available on the product’s website, and the videos and diagrams can help those that are interested in the product to learn a bit more about it.

Back Pain Relief: How to Use Spinal Stretch

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How Does Spinal Stretch Work?

Despite the catchy name, the Spinal Stretch is a legitimate piece of medical technology. It attempts to take the place of the larger and cumbersome inversion table by decompressing the lower back spine without taking up as much space as a traditional solution.

The device actually serves a number of functions, but it is primarily targeted towards those that want to relieve their lower back pain with a solution that is a bit more portable and easy to use than some of the traditional equipment that is available on the market. While it can be a bit intimidating at first, it certainly satisfies its mandate with ease.

The Spinal Stretch itself can help the back in a number of ways. Not only does it provide for decompression, but it helps with the general health of one’s back. It helps to reduce nerve pressure, promote better alignment and even helps to return the vital nutrients to the discs in one’s back.

It is a product generally targeted towards reducing pain, but it is also great for those that need to increase flexibility in their own lower backs. The compact kit is created with movement and travel in mind, and can be useful for those with busy schedules.

General Impressions

On first impression, the spinal stretch is actually a little confusing. As with many items that tend to help the back, it is almost scary to look at initially – between the straps and the ratchet, it is more than a bit intimidating at first glance.

Fortunately, setting the device up into something useful is fairly handy. There are instructions that are included with the device itself, but it might be more helpful for some to take a quick look at the website for detailed instructions for set-up. With a little difficulty, the device can be set up by a first-timer in only a few minutes.

After that, it simply comes time to make use of the device. It may take some time to get used to letting the spinal stretch do its work, but it is a great alternative to an inversion table for those with lower back problems.

It will not do much for those with mid-back pain, but that is not the intent of the design – the lower back is the area targeted, and it does just fine in that regard. The product is relatively easy to put away, as well, and it comes with its own handy storage bag.

spinal stretch reviewsOverall Thoughts

Overall, the spinal stretch seems like a great product for anyone that has trouble with their back, especially if that trouble has made it difficult for an individual to get through the day. It may take time for the an individual to get used to the product, but once the initial awkward phase is over it becomes far easier for the product to be used correctly.

The price is certainly less than taking a trip to a physical therapist or a chiropractor, and the end result is great for those that need a solution on the go. It is unknown how well this product might work for those in need of serious back work, but it is absolutely wonderful for those that need a bit of help dealing with the aches and pains of the day.

Even if you experience severe back pain, this is a great product to try before you think about a more drastic solution. Whether you do not like inversion or you simply want a product that you can use in the comfort of your own home or office, this might be the right product for your needs.

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