Inversion Table? Teeter Hang Ups?

“Dealing With Back Pain Is The Worst? This Could Change Your Life!”

Have you tried the Teeter Hang Ups inversion system yet? If you haven’t then you are missing a great product. The system helps individuals prevent back pain and provides therapeutic results for those with back suffering.

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What is the Teeter Hang Ups System?

The system is an inversion table that provides therapy for users which provides outstanding results. It has helped millions of people find relief from back pain.

The Teeter system is a complete core coordination that includes the inversion table, informational DVDs, stretching and exercise how to guide, and optional email series.teeter hang ups

The individual uses the table for therapeutic stretching, increasing the inversion angle gradually. As the individual increases inversion of the body, the muscles within the back and legs are allowed to stretch and relax. The user has total control over how much inversion takes place during each session.

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What Are The Features Of The Inversion Table System?

The Teeter Hang Ups features include the ability to decompress the spine during therapy sessions. The body is allowed to relax, blood flow is increased, and organ systems function better, along with many other feature benefits.

Through each session, the individual sets their height, places ankles securely into system, angle, and relax. Angles of inversion start at 20 degrees and go to 60 degrees change in most sessions. A full 90 degree inversion is possible for deep stretching in advanced stages.

The system is made with Flex Technology (patented) and comes 85 percent assembled upon arrival to the purchaser. The system can be folded up for storage in a matter of seconds.

The table comes with a five year warranty and provides a great balancing regime. The product has passed UL standards and is very safe to use. To pass UL standards, products must meet safety and quality testing.

How Can Individuals Benefit

  •  Decrease back pain suffering
  • Prevent future back challenges
  • Increase disc spaces, re-hydration of discs
  • Nerve pressure is reduced
  • Corrective alignment of spine takes place
  • Circulation is increased
  • Organ systems gain therapeutic benefits
  • Tense muscles are relaxed
  • Joint flexibility is improved
  • Joint function increases
  • Ability to target aches and pains
  • Move better as a result
  • Feel better on a day to day basis
  • Gain many more benefits from regular therapy sessions!

How do I know this system is high quality?

In addition to the UL ratings, there are a variety of features seen in the Teeter Hang Ups inversion table system. Flex Technology allows the “bed” to move when you move providing great range in motion. It also comes with an adjustable pillow for your head. The product is easy to maintain, highly resisting tears and stains.

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The inversion product controls precision balancing even when doing advanced stretching. The table is stable and well controlled giving the user wonderful smooth and quiet rotation for a lifetime.

Individuals who see the product first hand will view the triple-plated chrome along with steel walls that are thicker than your standard equipment available in the fitness market. The steel used in the Teeter Hang Ups is heat treated and of high quality material.

Markings are provided for easy visuals to make angle adjustments. The A-frame is made with a much wider base as compared to other competitors, increasing safety for the user while preventing sliding on hard surfaces and floors.

Individuals use the inversion table with comfortable security and continued peace of mind. Manufacturing of the product must meet strict guidelines and standards within each stage of development.

Every component of the Teeter Hang Ups system is inspected thoroughly. The company goes above and beyond to ensure patient safety, and is definitely a name that you can trust!

How Easy Does The System Work?

According to inversion table reviews by current users, the system is as easy as: setting it, locking it, and using it. The product is easy to use and effective based on Teeter Hang Ups review. The body will feel the results within minutes of using the teeter inversion table.

“Perfect stretching” is the result of using the inversion process. The individual has full control over the rotation and speed of inverting with ease. The easy function provides patients with great, achievable results benefiting the full body.

Product Highlights:

  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Safe and reliable product
  • Passes strict testing through development and UL
  • Saves on medical bills
  • Easily stores when not in use
  • Provides real results to users
  • Decreases need for surgeries in most cases
  • Great and easy to use on a daily basis
  • Improves patient recovery
  • Increases overall health
The Final Results are in!

This inversion table system is a great tool for the family to use to stay healthy and improve fitness. It can be used in addition to other exercises increasing user benefits. The product is top of the line and research studies show remarkable results.

The Teeter system weighs in as a 10 star product (10/10). The health benefits are remarkable and proven. If you are suffering from back pain, inversion therapy can help you tremendously.

Taking a short amount of time each day is all that is needed for long term fitness benefits. Currently, those who order the system can try the product for a very small price for a 30 day in home trial.

Are you ready to feel better? Do you want a high quality product that provides proven results? Then, this system is the one to try before you buy! It is highly rated among users and is one of the best inversion systems available!

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    • Anne Drew

    Do you have other models? I thought I saw one that had pressure point adjustments. I use to have one about 15yrs ago and used it every day. I loved it but I did need surgery and could no longer use it. I gave it to my friend and now my sister wants one. So I saw they have been updated since the model I had. Please let me know.

      • steely

      Lot of new and improved models…see some of them here

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