StretchMate Orthopedic Back Stretcher

You don’t need to spend a whole lot of money to make your back pain go away because StretchMate Orthopedic Back Stretcher allows you to relieve your back pain without the need to go to doctor or take any pain medications. With the Orthopedic Stretchmate Back Stretcher you can realign your spine and feel good again. This product is basically a mini home remedy for chronic back pain and a therapeutic device rolled into one.

StretchMate Orthopedic Back Stretcher

Regular stretching with this device will relieve stiffness and back pain. Some products only temporarily relieve pain but this product is designed to rehabilitate your back. Back pain is one of the most debilitating pain there is. It interrupts many of our activities and we cannot perform at our best when this important part of our body hurts.

For those who suffer from severe back pain simple exercising can cause great pain. This is when StretchMate Orthopedic Back Stretcher plays an important role of supporting your spinal vertebrae easing the muscle tension that you feel. All you need to do is lie flat on your back and relax with your spine resting on the specially designed curve of the Orthopedic StretchMate.

Health Benefits

Many of us are guilty of hunching forward which can sometimes be the cause of back pain. In order to reduce back pain the StretchMate Orthopedic Back Stretcher relieves muscular fatigue and realigns the vertebra which restores proper functioning and improves your posture. You will quickly notice less pain and feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and rested. It’s important to keep an active lifestyle in order to combat against back pain. Using the StretchMate Back Stretcher on a regular basis will help you keep your back in the best of shape.

Reasons Why a Back Stretcher Is Needed

If you have chronic back pain then the StretchMate Orthopedic Back Stretcher will help you stretch those tired muscles. It is also a good alternative to the usual boring stretching exercises. Once your posture has been corrected you notice a healthier, longer and leaner body.

Practical to Use

This product is easy to use. All you have to do is align your spine in the groove and lay back on it. Relax as you lay your spine on the arch for about 5 to 10 minutes. Do this a couple of times a day and you will notice a big difference in the way your back feels.

The product is easy to care for since only a damp cloth is needed to wipe it clean. The product is not that heavy as it weighs only 2.6 lbs. Because it is lightweight you can carry it around with you even during times that you need to travel. There are instructions that come with the product that help show you how to stretch your lower, mid, and upper back areas. There is a weight capacity of 440 pounds.


  • Relieves chronic back pain
  • Safe to use no matter what age you are
  • Save money by omitting visits to the doctor
  • Avoid use of harmful pain medications and side effects
  • Harmonizes with your spine’s natural curvature because of its ergonomic design
  • Supports your vertebrae while your muscle stretches free from stiffness and pain


  • Not recommended for those suffering from osteoporosis and suffering from having a fused vertebrae.
  • Not recommended for pregnant women.
  • Only a handful of customers are not happy with the plastic material use for this product.

What Customers Say

People who have been using this product have wonderful things to say about it. Each day it is used their back feels better and better. Another user is happy with this product as it complements her back brace.  Users love how simple and effective it is. Some lay a towel down on the stretcher for added comfort and are very pleased with the way it feels. Some notice that over time their muscles have become more flexible and pain free. One user noted that he gets a really nice stretch with this product. It’s something that he cannot achieve without this stretcher. It is a must have for those who experience chronic stiffness in their back.

The Bottom Line

StretchMate Orthopedic Back Stretcher can loosen your muscles, realign your spine, improve your posture, and ease muscular fatigue and back pain. In some online shops StretchMate Orthopedic Back Stretcher is priced at $39.99 but you can purchase this therapeutic back stretch alignment device from Amazon for only $23.50.

It is highly recommended though to consult your health care provider for your back pain because the pain might not be as simple as you think it is. It is better to get the okay from your doctor first just to make sure your back pain isn’t stemming from something more serious like a slipped or damaged disc.

All in all, the StretchMate Orthopedic Back Stretcher is worth buying and using to help relieve back pain and stiffness.

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