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Relieving Sciatica Pain with Teeter Hang Ups

Sciatica pain can be annoying and debilitating. The pain can be felt in the legs, lower back, and buttocks. The cause of sciatica comes from the irritation of one of the five spinal nerves. With severe cases of sciatica, there can be numbness, burning, and tingling within the body. Decreasing and Eliminating the Pain One […]

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Inversion Table Health Benefits

Are you familiar with the health benefits that are gained by using an inversion table? There are numerous benefits derived by the user of inversion therapy. Therapy users have seen benefits as far back as Hippocrates. It has been used consistently and effectively for centuries, relevant to different cultures. What is the most common method […]

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Stretching For Back Pain Relief

Do you consistently have back pain? Are you looking for a solution for relief? Nearly every individual can benefit from learning to properly stretch the back. Stretching on a routine basis will help benefit the muscles and spine. How does stretching relieve back pain? Stretching allows the muscles of the back to elongate (extend and […]

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Back Surgery Side Effects

The side effects of back surgery can be outstanding. Pain and discomfort can result from the surgery while the body is trying to heal. Side effects can be a result of the surgery itself, or changes that occurred within the body. Individuals can suffer from back pain for many years to come. What are common […]

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What Is An Inversion Table

What Is An Inversion Table If you are suffering from back pain, or know someone who does, an inversion table may be just what you need. An inversion table is a device that allows the user to hang upside down, suspended by the ankles or feet, thereby gently stretching the back out, taking all the […]

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