Stretching For Back Pain Relief

Do you consistently have back pain? Are you looking for a solution for relief? Nearly every individual can benefit from learning to properly stretch the back. Stretching on a routine basis will help benefit the muscles and spine.

How does stretching relieve back pain?

Stretching allows the muscles of the back to elongate (extend and stretch). Individuals who regularly practice elongation help the muscle tissues, tendons, and ligaments to stretch and relax. Stretching for back pain helps the back, spine, buttocks, and legs.

Stretching the muscles allows the body to straighten out to a more natural state. Many times, individuals are so busy, the carry constant tension within the body. This causes the muscles within the body to “scrunch” the back which affects the whole body. When the individual does not allow the body to return to its natural state, back pain and body pain result.Stretching For Back Pain

As an example, try clinching your fist for as long as you can without letting go. When you want to let go, continue clinching for a longer period of time. The result is that the muscles within your hand are under tension and pressure to the point of pain.

The same is true for your back. As tension is increased and the muscles are not allowed to relax back to a “normal state” the result is back pain and muscle cramps.

What is the best way to stretch the back?

Developing a stretching routine is a must. Depending on the condition of your back, it may take weeks or months to gain the fullest benefits. Keep in mind that usually the individual starting the stretching program will begin to see some results much quicker. For long term benefits, regular therapy is needed.

If you think of your back as having memory, it must be able to stretch and relax on a regular basis to gain the fullest, long term benefits derived from stretching. Tension within the body has a “memory” of being tense. It may take some time for an individual to “train” the back and muscle groups to stay more relaxed, even after a few stretching sessions.

Using an inversion table

Many people benefit from using an inversion table. The table is based upon a fulcrum. The individual can lie on the table and gradually increase inversion angles of the body. The table supports the body during the therapy session.

The results of using inversion therapy are “decreased and diminished” back pain. Relief is gained by regular therapy sessions. Sessions train the body, and allow the muscles to elongate into a more natural state, and then relax.

Spinal pain is decreased in most individuals using this method of inversion. Stretching for back pain by inversion also allows the individual to gain many other health benefits including increased circulation, cleansing of the blood, increased oxygen to the brain, and much more!

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