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Since the Chi Machine sales began in 1990, over one million Chi Machines have been sold all over the world. The Original Chi Machine has gained a solid reputation for its original construction and outstanding benefits. Unlike many other types of medical devices, the Chi Machine is easy to use in your own home. The Chi Machine also provides outstanding results without stressing or injuring your body.

               “Chi Machine “GOLD FISH METHOD”

The Chi Machine was invented by a brilliant Medical Doctor in Japan.While using the Chi Machine your entire spinal cord and all of your muscles along your spine are participating in the chi swing movement! The Chi Machine moves the two pivot points formed by the shoulders and buttock. The inventor of the chi machine Dr. Inoque was so caught up that this movement was just like a goldfish he decided to name the chi swing motion “the GOLD FISH METHOD”.chi machine

He was truly inspired by the way fish move in the water and the way they oxygenate their bodies. If you ever take the time to study fish you should take notice of the way the tail moves in a back and forth motion which causes the entire spine including all the muscles to move. In the same way the chi machine moves the feet side to side which causes the spine and body to move in that perfect motion that allows your body to be exercised and oxygenated without any stress on your muscles. It feels so good too.

His name is Doctor Shizuo Inoue. He spent 38 years on research and development, analysis, testing and more studies to come up with the first working Chi Machine. Doctor Shizuo Inoue was the long time President of The Japanese Oxygen Association. The Chi machine promotes a therapeutic massage. It has been proven to work by both medical and physiological sciences. The Chi Machine is patented in several countries and throughout the world. Chi Machine Patents are in the UNITED STATES, JAPAN, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA and GREAT BRITAIN.

The primary purpose of a massage is to relieve stress, discomfort, pain, and muscle spasms. A massage should manipulate the soft tissue in the body thereby releasing tension stress, and toxins. This also allows oxygen to flow throughout the cells better. The health benefits of massage have been known for thousands of years. Massage was found in records dating back over 3000 years ago. Greek and Roman physicians taught civilizations throughout the western world.

The Chi Machine massager brings together the ancient massage healing arts with the new sciences of modern technology. The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine is also known as a therapeutic massager. Other fake machines have used the name chi massager taking it from the original and still the best Chi Machine. The Original Chi Massager will provide you with a truly healing experience.Chi Machine for Massage and Health.

No need to be fit and little time is required to do the Chi Machine Exercise.

How to use the Chi Machine.The fact is that most people just don’t exercise due mostly to poor health and lack of time. When people don’t exercise optimum body movement is not achieved so toxins, fat, and stress are allowed to permeate and stay inside the body. The Chi Machine allows the specific movement of the body that  will release stress toxins and fat all while oxygenating and healing the body. When animals and sea creatures are observed we see a serpentine movement in their walking, running, and swimming.

This natural motion promotes and maintains the animals overall health. In the same way the Chi Machine exercise stimulates maximum movement to all the bodies parts and cells. The Chi Machine relieves stress and pain throughout your body while energizing your whole being. The mostcommon forms of exercise involve running swimming and various aerobic exercises. These traditional exercises are great for your health but at the same time they consume vital oxygen and stress many vertebrae and joints. Over time fatigue and stress throughout the body take place.

Here is where the Chi Machine Exercises are different and have a profound positive impact verses traditional exercise. This is a passive exercise that is not causing stress but revitalizing every cell in the body. When your body is fatigued after a long day of work it makes harder to sleep. Many people have back problems that don’t allow the back to fully rest into the bed. While using the Chi Machine the neck and waist are naturally elevated because the body is lying on a flat surface with the legs elevated to the optimum positions. Now you know why we call them Chi Machine Exercisers.

When using The Chi Machine, most people notice that, with the feet slightly raised in the chi machine ankle grooves your body is allowed to swing left to right. You can notice movement in 3 primary areas.

  1. From the head down through the shoulders.
  2. From the chest down through the bottom of the spine.
  3. From waist through your feet.

This movement is all natural while just relaxing and enjoying yourself. Simply put your legs in the grooves just above your ankles and make sure your body is 90 degrees to the machine and turn the timer to the desired setting.


There are three primary positions used while on the Chi Machine.

Chi Machine position 1 need to put both hands under your neck. This position will elevate part of your upper body while at the same time your feet and legs are elevated on the Chi Machine ankle cuffs.

Chi Machine position 2  Just allow both of your arms to rest comfortably at your sides. Relax and don’t fight the swing. Let the swing move you just like a fish.

Chi Machine position 3 Stretch straight out and allow your arms to extend with your palms of your hands facing up.

Here is a recommended 12 step process on how to use a Chi Machine.

1.Wait about 30 minutes before using the Chi Machine after you eat. 2. Drink a glass of water just before using the Chi Machine.3. When using the Chi Machine wear clothes that are comfortable just like when you are exercising. 4. No need for shoes so remove them. 5.Try to relax as much as possible. 6. Try a gentle stretch routine just before using the Chi Machine. 7. The Chi Machine should be placed on a firm floor or massage bed, with the handle facing away from you. 8.Turn on the Chi Machine Songs CD and lie down.9.

After you are laying down go ahead and put your ankles in the ankle cups on the Chi Machine. Allow the bony part of your ankles to extend slightly beyond the ankle cup holders on the Chi Machine. Your ankles should be comfortable. 10. If you need support under your knees try using a pillow. Your knees should still remain straight.11.Turn the Chi Machine timer dial to 5 minutes to start. You can gradually increase the time as your body gets use to the Chi Exercise.12. When the Chi Machine stops it is important to remain still to achieve maximum benefits. This allows the oxygen to permeate and heal your cells.11Drink another glass of water after using the Chi Machine.

Two great Chi Machine Benefits while using the one great  true Original Chi machine!

The Chi Machine Exerciser and the Chi Machine Massager are in fact the same great Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine that has been put through the test of time. This Chi Machine is the only true Chi Machine and the only Chi Machine I would consider. I did extensive research on the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine and similar copies and I could have chosen to sale any one of the fakes on this site but I would not do that to you.

The fact is the fake machines have been known to harm people due to the uneven oscillation of the chi swing movement. There are numerous other reasons but just try and trust me if your going to get serious about your health and wellness don’t take your chances on a fake.

Never settle for an imitation Chi Machine, Here’s Why!

The Chi Machine is the safest and the best over all other imitation chi machines. If you are considering purchasing The Chi Machine, make sure you get the only real Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine and buy it right here from the official site of where you are guaranteed to get the very best deal and lowest price.

Unfortunately many times when an outstanding original products like the “Chi Machine” are invented there are always people who will try to capitalize on all the knowledge, research, reputation and time that the original inventor endured. The true inventor of the Chi Machine spent 38 years studying oxygen and how it gets distributed throughout the human body before putting together this approved Chi Machine medical device.

The fakes offer a similar looking product and claim that it will produce the same results as the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine. Some of these products are cheaper and may even be tempting to a person who has little knowledge of the health risks FAKE Chi Machines have. It may appear that the Chi Machine simply just moves straight bchi machineack and forth. It doesn’t this is the major difference between the real Chi Machine and the fakes.

The patented technology incorporated into the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine makes for a slight figure 8 oscillation. This slight figure 8 was established through many years of testing, data analyzing and extensive research especially in the human body and oxygen. This extensive research and patented design elements are the reason the Chi Machine is safe and effective. It is the only Chi Machine approved as a medical device by the F.D.A. This Chi Machine stands alone. The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine is unlike all other fake machines and will give you very safe and effective results.

It has many patents all over the world. This Original Chi Machine has been awarded worldwide distribution rights. The Chi Machine has a swing frequency of 140 +/- 5 cycles per minute. This optimum frequency provides a speed that will not injure the spine. Tests have shown that some of the fake chi machines with higher speeds have injured people. A fake copy of the original can be detrimental to your health and also cause hypertension.

An angle that is to high that some of the fake machines have may put your organs under too much pressure. If the angle is not high enough it will not be able to produce the optimum effects achieved by the Original Chi Machine. Only the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine has a circular figure 8 movement that is balanced, smooth and has a non jarring effect to the structure of the human body.The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine by HTE has been tested proven and patented!

A few situations where the Chi Machine should not be used.

Even though The Chi Machine® is likely one of the safest and best forms of exercise and massage for most people, it has some limitations. It is not advised to use the Chi Machine without prior consent from a competent medical advisor under the following conditions. 1. During pregnancy. 2. Within 3 months of surgery or bone fracture. 3.

If you suffer from serious heart disease. 4. If you suffer from serious infection. 5. If you suffer from any bleeding injury. 6. If you are epileptic. 7. If you suffer from high blood pressure. 8. If severe pain occurs, the cause of pain should be thoroughly investigated before continuing chi machine use. 9.The Chi Machine shouldn’t be used 30 minutes prior to eating. Sometimes even longer for larger meals.

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