Back Pain Causes and Treatment Ideas

Causes of back pain:

Back pain is caused due to accidental injury to the spinal cord . The pain impulses traverse through the spinal nerves thereby causing pain. Arthritis is an autoimmune disorder which causes degeneration of cartilages thereby aggravating the pain . Back pain may occur due to injuries received while playing a specific sports, performing some bending jobs etc. Back pain aggravates due to incorrect sitting or standing posture. Obesity also worsens the back pain . Some back pains are caused due to muscle injuries . Back pain may occur due to neurological problems . The compression of lumbar spine and the spinal nerves may cause numbness and back pain . The neurologists can ease the pain by treatment .

Diagnostic tests to detect backpain:

A slew of tests like magnetic resonance imaging, nerve conduction studies can detect the cause back pain. The workers who are engaged in sedentary jobs for a long time are prone to back pain. Special ergonomically designed chairs are devised to prevent any injury to the person .

Types of back pain:

There are 2 types of back pain. One is the acute pain which lats for about a month . Chronic back pain is a recurrent pain which occurs continuously . The chronic pain persists throughout and the patient is subjected to excruciating pain throughout his life. Chronic pain occurs due to the autoimmune disorder called arthritis.

Treatment of back pain:

Treatment is given in the form of analgesic drugs along with certain physiotherapy exercise. Cold and hot water treatment also diminishes the pain. The doctors resort to surgery when the patient does not respond to the conventional treatment of medicines and exercise. The disc and the vertebrae are corrected by the surgery. The doctors may recommend bed rest for a specific period. Doctors mainly emphasize on the physiotherapy exercises to minimize pain. Teeter hang ups is a newer option many are using with great success.

Alternative forms of treatment like acupuncture, massage are deployed to ease back pain.

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